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The Soker Solo Show

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Soker solo show !…

Here’s some pix of the exhibition of canvases by one of Bristol’s local hero’s, running for four weeks @ the Golden Lion


Cut the Nose off the Dog !…

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Thursday night i took part in a crazy (drunken) drawing game at the Triple ‘S’ Gallery !…

It was hosted by D*FROST who have their work on show in the gallery at the moment !…

Any way the game goes like this … One person starts the game off by drawing something (and it could be anything) and numbers it  #1 then that same person draws something that puts drawing number #1 in peril and numbers  that drawing number #2 !….

(i.e.  no. #1 is a Dog and the dog is put in peril by no.#2 A 10 Ton weight about to drop on it !…)

Then the next player has to draw something that will divert , prevent or avoid the peril and number it  #3  (i.e. a flock of birds grab the 10 ton weight and fly off !…) then the next player  has to draw something that puts  no. #1 back into peril  and so on and so on ,numbering each picture as they go !…

if the game ends on a odd number then the thing (number 1) that was in peril is saved , but if it ends on an even number the thing (number 1) dies !…

Here’s some photo’s of the event  !…

Here the finished games and the stories to go with them !…

Game one …

  1. flum
  2. elephants hoof  about to stand on flum
  3. penguin with a thumb tack to stop flum gettin’ squashed
  4. hammer to squash the thumb tack
  5. the wife of the hammers owner calling him home
  6. but gets diverted to the pub
  7. a bomb threatens to blow up the pub
  8. a pale of  water to put the bombs fuse out
  9. a drill to make hole in the pale of water
  10. but the drill has a duff battery
  11. then the drills powered by a tractor
  12. the drill is drilling into the tractor drivers head
  13. but the hands trigger finger is bandaged up to much
  14. so a man runs off unwinding the bandage as he goes but gets eaten by a croc !…

Final result flum gets it !…

Game two …

  1. a worm
  2. a bird about to eat the worm
  3. a cage to stop the bird
  4. a pair of wire snips to cut the cage bars
  5. but the nut & blot fall out the snips
  6. only to be put back in with tims telethapy
  7. but tims on a conveyor belt heading into a monsters mouth
  8. who’s about to be shot by a gun
  9. but the a finger in the gun stops that
  10. superman is about pull the finger out of the gun
  11. but hes to close to the kryptonite
  12. only for jack frost to come alone and use his freeze ray to put the kryptonite in a block of ice
  13. then the suns there to melt the ice around the kryptonite
  14. but someone tries to blow the sun up
  15. only for the plunger to be blocked by a wooden stick
  16. termite set loose on the wooden stick
  17. anti-temite ray to stop the termites
  18. but theres no batterys
  19. so someone powers the anti-termite ray with more mind power
  20. who comes under attack from a army helicopter
  21. then a elephant starts shooting peanuts at the helicopter
  22. but a tennis racket stops the peanuts

Final result the worm gets it !…

Game Three

(the numbers are a bit messed up on this one)

  1. Ratty
  2. bomb
  3. a big hand stops the bomb
  4. but a chainsaw tries to cut the hand off
  5. then a butterfly jams the chainsaw with a crowbar
  6. only to be zapped by bug spray
  7. but the butterflies mates come to his rescue with a big magnet to pull the can of bug spray out the hand
  8. in comes a butterfly net to catch
  9. when a basket-ball fill’s the net
  10. but a pin threatens to pop the basket ball
  11. so a wrestler pulls the pin away
  12. for some reason the wreastler melts
  13. so along come the doctors to put him back together
  14. they were about to fall over a cliff
  15. but are saved by a negative van
  16. theres a missile aimed straight at the van
  17. but the missiles on a bunji cord
  18. a pair of scissors to cut the bunji cord
  19. a cowboy lassoing the scissors
  20. a Indian shotting an arrow at the cowboy
  21. indian gets distracted by booze
  22. bottle’s got a leak so makes a booze puddle
  23. a humming bird is sucking up the booze
  24. a frog catches the humming bird with its tongue

Final result  Ratty gets it !…

Game Four …

(this one got a bit lost)

  1. teletubbie
  2. being attacked by lightening
  3. lightening proof umbrellas
  4. being blown away by strong winds
  5. but the umbrella got an anchor
  6. along comes a sawtooth shark and cut the anchors chain
  7. somehow the sawtooth shark becomes a fossil
  8. a time machine sorts that problem out
  9. but travels too far back in time and end up at the “Big Bang” life begins again
  10. a turtle is about to eat a mouse
  11. but an alien spaceship comes along and start to beam the mouse up
  12. a sniper is shooting at the aliens
  13. but missed ‘cus his eyes are covered by a sleeping mask
  14. he doesnt go to sleep though cus hes done some old school mitzy’s
  15. so we have a Carebear with a “Hug’s not Drug’s” t-shirt on
  16. getting shot by a my little pony unicorn with a gun
  17. but the my little pony unicorn gets made into glue
  18. the glue is used to stick false eyelashes on
  19. but lighting a joint the glue melts the glue holding the false eyelashes on
  20. you look a state you best talk to “Frank”

Final result the teletubbie gets it !…

Game Five

  1. smiffy
  2. in peril from a cannon
  3. the fuse is being blown out
  4. but their a smoker so can relight the fuse
  5. no matches
  6. a dragon breathing fire
  7. st. georges horse comes to the rescue
  8. but is about to be stood on by a big heel
  9. almost slips on a banana
  10. but a monkey swinging on a vine grabs the banana
  11. just as james bond slides down the vine like a zip line
  12. then almost gets eaten by a croc
  13. a cowboy is shootin’ the croc
  14. a squid covers the cowboys face so he cant see
  15. but falls in love with another female squid
  16. that female squid then falls for another blinger squid
  17. who is lusted after by the dude in the corner !…

Final result smiffy saved from getting it !…

like i said it was a crazy but very funny night and made a nice change from the usual live drawing events ive taken part in !… so congrats to D*FROST  !…


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After a 10 year abscence from the South Bristol art scene, D*FROST returns. Bringing back together Jef Row and Andrew Stott in a show celebrating old and new work with new perspectives on techniques and mediums.

D*VOLVE includes the first artwork they made in 1997 for the exhibition ‘Sole’ at Eat the Beat record shop, original fridge doors painted between 2000 and the present day as well as new large scale collaborative work. Their social/political commentary on consumerism and waste often poses questions and provokes thought. As the pair say, “we are compelled to paint, as artists we feel we are beholden to make commentary on what’s happening around us … by whatever means”

Triple ‘S’ Gallery


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Back once again with the ill behaviour… Recline slams into 2010 with a MEGATRON concord of cut chemists. Linking up with the CKI Crew we proudly present a mash up of HIP HOP, REGGAE, JUNGLE, PARTY BREAKS, DRUM & BASS and DANCE FLOOR BOMBS….
GUINNESS [Eat The Beat]
SIR LOIN [Prime Cuts Etiquette]
MATT DOGGS [Ghettospheric]
LEISURE ALLSTARS [Leisure Recordings]
MR JIM + ROY STAN [One Drop Syndicate]
**************** LIVE GRAFITTI HYPE ***************
Out in the sheltered back garden, live grafitti by
BISOK (Bad Man of The Can)
********************RECLINE ART HYPE*********************
Bursting onto the scene (and out of her blouse) …It’s been said that girls will be girls, and this particular girl is on a mission to inject a pinch of colour and make the world a touch less grey, a smidgen more glamorous and to leave it smelling of roses…
SINNERS…. A confession booth awaits all your filthy, little dirty secrets. Come one, come all and absolve yourselves of all your durrty deeds and thoughts!
ENTRY: £4, £3 (with flyer)
Promo designed by Clothes by HOLLY LLOYD/
Model: Malgosia Domanska

‘Cut The Nose off the Dog’

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‘Cut The Nose off the Dog’
Interactive Art Event at Triple S Gallery

Thursday, 28 January 2010 , 7 till 9 , Triple S Gallery , 200  North Street , Southville , Bristol , UK .

Following the successful opening of D*VOLVE show by D*FROST , Triple S gallery will be hosting an interactive art event on Thursday 28th January.

D*FROST and friends invite artists and other players to engage in a drawing game based on the universal concept of consequence. The game is a vehicle for original thought, story making and cartoon creation.

A number of games will run simultaneously concluding in a final play-off which will see winners collaborate on a final canvas. This canvas will subsequently be auctioned and proceeds will be donated to charity.

Any number of players can partake and any number can observe. All welcome to come along and witness art in action.

All art materials will be supplied. BYO BOOZE.

FB Event Page

Contraband Sessions B-Boy Special

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I totally forgot to say i was going to be doing some live paintin’ last night for the Contraband Sessions B-Boy Special (pt2) @ the Golden Lion pub.

Not my best but was a fun night all the same !…

Weapon of Choice Dutty special. All female line up! ❤

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Weapon of Choice presents the Dutty Special

Duttiest special, the ladies take over!

Live painting from

Hip Hop ❤ DnB ❤ Dubstep ❤ Electro
DJ DAZEE (Run/Dutty Girl)
DISS MISS (Dutty Girl)
SARAH B (Dutty Girl)
SAFE SOUL (Dutty Girl)
DJ IZZY (Dutty Girl)

Plus Special guests:
GHETTOZOID (Octopussy)

Mr Wolfs, Bristol, BS1 1JX. 9-3AM. £3 All night.
FREE shot before 12PM

FB Event page