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Movin’ Time !…

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Hi all …

I ran out off storage space and was going to archive everything on here and start a fresh but it was taking ages and to be honest I didnt have the time . So instead I’ve got 2 , Yes 2 shiny new Blogs for you I hope you’ll have a look and check them out from time 2 time !…

The first is Lokey Graffiti which is my personal one which is linked in with my website .

The second is BRISTOL GSA which is for all things to do with Bristol Graffiti & Street Art.

Thank you all for visiting this Blog of mine hopefully some of you will take the time to check out my new ones !…


Peace & Paint

Jer Forceone/Lokey


glos-tonbury street fest 09

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what a great day , damn hot , plenty of cider & loads of pep’s … not to mention some banging hiphop tunes being played on the roof top terrace , skateboarding , breakdancing & of corse the graffiti !… didnt take many pix as i was painting but heres what i did get !….










binge drinking

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the drunks start at an early age in bristol !….


king o’ the george

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Ok saturday just gone was ment to have been a paint jam/comp at st.georges skatepark but the weather decided to take the piss . Me and cheba were late getting there , so we rushed straight into the emulsion but befor it had even dryed ,  it rain !… The sun did come out about 10mins later but everything was soaked . After waiting about another half an hour it was dry enuf to start painting again but just as we were thinking it might stay dry along comes the rain which saw us all running for cover under the trees again !… Two or three times of this happening and most of the artists were  pissed off and were either going to go home or the pub !… i didnt want to have to go back to it another day so stuck it out with cheba and adam mclevey !…  job finished it was of to the pub which ended up messy !… all in all a funny day & night !…











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Secret Splendour

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check a lil’ something from a friend in the channel islands !….

Ye are cordially invited to the opening of ‘The Secret Splendour of the Voyeurs Lair’ an exposition of paintings, collage, objects, video and sound by local artisan extraordinaire ROSTONE from Readerswives Collective. All this japery shall taketh place on FRIDAY 3rd APRIL, 6:30 – 9:30pm at the Centre Fold Gallery. The usual lovely free red, white and brown booze will be flowing so that all ye fellow art lovers and alcoholics alike can come and really appreciate the tat that will be on show. Very limited edition t-shirts, books and CD’s will be available for sale on the night as will all artworks at credit crunch friendly prices. Come and grab yourself a 2010 bargain at 2009 prices alternatively just drink all the free booze.

Be sure to check out their Blog for the latest in what’s hip.

Centre Fold Gallery
Trinity Square Centre
Trinity Square
St Peter Port

RWA – Crimes of Passion : Street Art in Bristol

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RWA – Crimes of Passion : Street Art in Bristol


Crimes of Passion : Street Art in Bristol
21 March – 2 May 2009

RWA Opening Times
10:00 – 5:30pm Monday – Saturday
2:00 – 5:00pm Sunday
Last admission half an hour before closing    

Admission :£4.00
Concession :£2.50
Children : Free

Bristol has been a big player on the global graffiti scene since
the early eighties, spawning many of its most notorious and talented
protagonists. This spring the RWA invites some of the most prominent
artists in the city to adorn its galleries in their own inimitable way.

This milestone event will showcase the depth of creativity on the
Bristol scene, pushing the boundaries and challenging expectations
of this ubiquitous and often misunderstood art form.

RWA Press Releases

RWA Press Releases
RWA Press Releases
For further press release information, latest news, or if you require
press images please contact:

RWA Marketing Manager Fiona Davies
Tel: 0117 973 5129

Crimes of Passion : Street Art in Bristol
21 March – 2 May 2009
In spring 2009, the Royal West of England Academy will host an exhibition of
Bristol Street Art, across all five of the large galleries and other public
spaces within the building. The last urban art exhibition hosted by a public
gallery in Bristol was a show entitled “Graffiti Art in Britain” at the
Arnolfini, over 20 years ago. This ambitious exhibition at the RWA and
associated projects which include installations and murals around the city,
film screenings, talks and a schools education programme, is therefore a long
overdue celebration of Bristol’s own talent in this field of visual art.

The development of Street Art in Bristol is now an internationally recognised
cultural and commercial phenomenon. The monetary value of Bristol artists’ work
has rocketed in the last two years through sales of originals and prints at
exhibitions, galleries and auctions. Street Art, or more specifically, Graffiti,
was brought directly to Bristol from America by artists and musicians who
travelled there from New York City in the early ‘80s. Graffiti artists active
on the Bristol scene at that time included Banksy, Nick Walker, Inkie and
Robert del Naja, or ‘3D’, of Massive Attack.

The exhibition will feature work by around 45 of Bristol’s most well-known and
notorious street artists, including internationally famous names. The curators
have carefully selected artists whose work is of the highest quality in terms
of realisation, design, execution or manufacture, which will show a real
cross-section of the kind of work being made by street artists in Bristol today
and the directions in which they are taking their work. Most of the artists
featured in this exhibition continue to make work in the urban environment.
Many have faced challenges from the law in the past for work that they have made
on illegal sites, while most now seek opportunities for making work in the public
domain using permitted sites.

‘Street Art’, ‘Urban Art’ and ‘Graffiti’ are all terms which encompass different
kinds of visual art work conceived and made in direct response to the artists’
own urban environment, often with a strong social or political context and usually
displayed outside of the traditional canons of fine art and design. This exhibition
will highlight the particular vibrancy and original creativity of Bristol artists.
We hope that in producing a show of this size and scale in a public gallery and
through our planned programme of talks, events and educational activities, the public
will see how this kind of art has begun to regenerate communities, challenging and
entertaining people for a positive social purpose.

The RWA has led the way in recognising the proper cultural value of Street Art as
one of Bristol’s leading exports. Through its physical form and content, the curatorial
team and artists involved intend that this exhibition will challenge all public
perceptions of what Street Art is and will stay in the mind of everyone who sees it
for years to come.

Artists included in the exhibition are:
Nick Walker, Filthy Luker, FLX, Sickboy, Cyclops, Rowdy, Inkie, Mr. Jago, Acerone,
Dicy, Feek, Ponk, Seza, Xenz, Ziml, Eco, Paris, Mudwig, What Collective, Cheo Soker,
Will Barras and Andy Council.

For Further Information regarding the exhibition please contact:
Crimes of Passion Exhibition Curator
Katharine Cockshaw
07970 042120


RWA Marketing Manager
Fiona Davies
0117 9735129


RWA Educational Events

Crimes of Passion : Street Art in Bristol
21 March – 2 May 2009
Educational Events

Gallery Tours
For an added insight into “Crimes of Passion” the speaker will highlight pieces of
personal interest for discussion as they tour the exhibition.

Date   :  Saturday 11 April 2.30pm
Venue:  RWA, meet at the Main Gallery Entrance upstairs
Who   :  Open to all
Fee    :  Gallery Tour is free of charge, RWA FREE ENTRY DAY

Date   :  Saturday 2 May 2.30pm
Venue:  RWA, meet at the Main Gallery Entrance upstairs
Who   :  Open to all
Fee    :  Gallery Tour is free of charge, but normal admission charges apply

Artist Led – Walk and Talk
Join artists involved in the exhibition as they discuss the development of their own
work and how the exhibition came about. There will be an opportunity to buy signed
copies of “Children of the Can: 25 Years of Bristol Graffiti” by Felix Braun.

Date   :  Sunday 5 April, 2.30pm
Venue:  RWA, meet at the Main Gallery Entrance upstairs
Who   :  Open to all
Fee    :  £6 Booking required, please contact Lorraine Guest, Senior Front House

Date   :  Sunday 19 April, 2.30pm
Venue:  RWA, meet at the Main Gallery Entrance upstairs
Who   :  Open to all
Fee    :  £6 Booking required, please contact Lorraine Guest, Senior Front House

Evening Talks
Felix Braun, author of “Children of the Can: 25 Years of Bristol Graffiti” in
conversation with one-time youth worker at the legendary Barton Hill Youth Club,
and long-time advocate of aerosol art – John Nation.

Date   :  Thursday 23 April, 7pm
Venue:  RWA, Fedden Gallery
Who   :  Open to all
Fee    :  £6 Booking required, please contact Lorraine Guest, Senior Front House

The team behind ‘Crimes of Passion’ discuss the project, its many different facets
and its legacy.

Date   :  7 February, 2.00pm onwards
Venue:  RWA, Fedden Gallerys
Who   :  Open to all
Fee    :  £6 Booking required, please contact Lorraine Guest, Senior Front House


for mo info: